Steering Clear of Nutrient Surpluses and Deficiencies

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When growing marijuana, it can be difficult for even pros to understand the feeding schedules of their plants. Even if you’ve got a green thumb, marijuana can sometimes be a choosy plant. You never want to underfeed a plant, which is obvious. If a plant doesn’t get the recommended amount of nutrients, it will start to show signs of a nutrient deficiency. But, what many growers might not know is that you also shouldn’t overfeed your plants. In fact, overfeeding can sometimes be worse than underfeeding depending on the situation. In any event, keeping the right balance of nutrients with a proper watering and feeding schedule is vital to the success of a plant.

Still, most people don’t know when to water or feed their plants. The Marijuana Booster program provides growers with a free watering schedule and a free feeding schedule to ensure that everything about the grow goes smoothly. Of course, how do you know that the Marijuana Booster program is good for your plants? The regimen has been tested by scientists and researchers for several years and, in conjunction with the Grow Booster fertilizer, the watering and feeding schedules provide a guaranteed march toward marijuana success.

Avoid Overfeeding and Underfeeding

The last thing you want to do is overfeed or underfeed your plant, partly because there is a possibility of a drastic shift in the plant’s health. Overfeeding a plant can almost act like poisoning the plant with too many nutrients. If this occurs, you may need to wash out the roots and the soil to reduce their contact with the nutrients. However, if the plant itself already took in most of those nutrients, it may not survive.

Underfeeding is a different animal, but it can still have the same drastic effects if left unchecked. In some cases, you might not know what nutrient is deficient in your plant. You can watch it start to degrade in front of your own eyes. It might exhibit all the telltale signs of a nutrient deficiency and you may add more nutrients to the fertilizer solution, but nothing seems to be helping. The necrotic, dead spots on the leaves and overall wilting nature of the plant is certainly enough to make you worry. If you don’t know what nutrient to use, then the plant may not make it.

Feeding Schedules are Important

Of course, most nutrient surpluses and deficiencies aren’t as drastic, but even a small issue in nutrient concentration can reduce yield or degrade the plant’s health. That’s why Marijuana Booster’s specialized grow formula, feeding schedules, and watering schedules are so important. They provide you with a surefire way to get the most out of your marijuana garden. In fact, following the schedules and the entire Marijuana Booster program will frequently double your yield (as long as you provide the plants with adequate light and carbon dioxide). You won’t have to worry about overfeeding or underfeeding because you will literally have the schedules right in front of you each day.

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